Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No People Photos Here

The Fontainebleau was a personality in itself. We are so glad that our kids were able to have the reception here. MammaDog asked us to arrive early, and we were able to get photos of the place to pass along to you.

Because the weather was iffy, and the ground quite soft, the groomsmen and their pals formed a shuttle service to the Chapel. It gave the time before the wedding a bustling, exciting feeling of anticipation.

The Lawrence Chapel is quite old, and I'm afraid a little uncomfortable. But the Inn itself more than makes up for that. There were plenty of places to escape our riotous celebrating. And some repaired to those quiet spots.

So here is the Fontainebleau as we experienced it just before the ceremony. And no, you won't see the girls crying and fussing in these shots. There will be people photos elsewhere.

The Setting Itself--On the Shore of Lake Cayuta

This is a tiny lake and we have it on Grandpa Olthof's authority that the fishing is excellent. The lawn slopes gently down to a small dock. It's rather remote here, although there is housing, or some sort of development across the lake. After the hubbub of Elmira, Odessa is very, very country to us. The day is cloudy and windy and there were a few showers, but overall, we got lucky. We had been threatened with snow. There is a large back porch and the hosts are prepared for outdoor weddings and events.

Another Outdoor Shot

This is from an upstairs, bedroom window. Very peaceful.

Lovely Buffet and Federalist Woodwork

The wallpaper is just right. Nice large pattern that isn't lost in the woodworking. I wasn't smart enough to get a decent shot of the flooring, but it looks like softwood, very wide boards. All the rooms are bright and well lit.

Elegant Dining Room

Eat in Kitchen/Sitting Room

None of the feel of a hotel. Everything is just plain cozy. Except for the stuff that's impressive, like the landscaping and the reception area.
Between the coffee and the sofa, one could spend and entire morning or afternoon right in this room.
From the sofa, one can watch busy people going from kitchen to the various rooms.

Street-side Windows

Imagine getting with the requisite hangover and finding coffee and breakfast waiting. I'm told there were blueberry pancakes, and butter-fried bacon. The day we visited to plan the wedding, it smelled wonderful. The hosts are solicitous young people.

Hope they didn't mind our rowdy group...

From the Library.

The Library--Peaceful Haven during Reception

Right, Brent?

Dining Room Details

Looks like a cross-stitch sampler. The blue china is in perfect contrast to the furniture that has a reddish maple or cherry cast.

Grey Day

Cloudy, windy day at Cayuta Lake. We had such a lovely reception room that we hardly noticed. The breezes made it perfect for those who needed to go outside for air or to smoke, or both. Remember, that in New York State, smokers must go outdoors. One reason not so many people love NY anymore.

Drawing Room Fireplace

Cute Stove

Darling little stove, anachronistic to the setting. Thing is, it no doubt works quite well still. Note that it is no longer in use.

The Ceremony Itself

Can be viewed here, if you like that sort of thing. It was a tiny chapel from the American Federalist period. All us asthmatics were a mess from the oil lamps. But the autumn weather makes asthmatics a mess anyway. Lots of photos of people looking somewhat uncomfortable.

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MammaDog's Wedding.