Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No People Photos Here

The Fontainebleau was a personality in itself. We are so glad that our kids were able to have the reception here. MammaDog asked us to arrive early, and we were able to get photos of the place to pass along to you.

Because the weather was iffy, and the ground quite soft, the groomsmen and their pals formed a shuttle service to the Chapel. It gave the time before the wedding a bustling, exciting feeling of anticipation.

The Lawrence Chapel is quite old, and I'm afraid a little uncomfortable. But the Inn itself more than makes up for that. There were plenty of places to escape our riotous celebrating. And some repaired to those quiet spots.

So here is the Fontainebleau as we experienced it just before the ceremony. And no, you won't see the girls crying and fussing in these shots. There will be people photos elsewhere.